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Watching live sports no longer means being stuck in a cable contract.

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Streaming TV is freedom of choice.Streaming TV is freedom of choice.
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Freedom of choice

Unbundle! Get only the live channels and local sports you actually watch.

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No buffering, poor picture quality, or delays—Ting Internet gives you the best streaming experience.

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No more introductory rates, price hikes, hidden fees, or contracts. Pay only for what you use. 

How to watch sports on streaming TV

Ting Internet lets your whole family stream stunning 4K TV without any unexpected pauses during those dramatic moments.

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If you already have a smart TV that runs apps, you’re ready for streaming TV! If you’d prefer an upgraded experience, streaming devices like an Apple TV or an Amazon Fire Stick are great options for any TV.

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To get all the channels you love along with cloud DVR (we recommend Youtube TV or Sling TV!). For even more choices, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, AppleTV+ are all there for you to try, too.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I watch my team on streaming TV?

Most sports that you can watch on cable, you can watch on full-lineup streaming TV services like YouTube TV or FuboTV with some sports being available only on streaming TV. If you want to pick the best service for you, has a great Matchmaker tool that we highly recommend. Simply enter the channels, leagues, or even teams you want to watch into their matchmaker and they’ll tell you the best streaming services to sign up for.

Can I save some money and just get an app for my favorite league?

The answer is “yes, but.” Every league has its own app that allows you to watch game replays and highlights, but most have restrictions around what you can watch live. Some allow for audio-only streams, some allow only out-of-market games, some just give you live stats. The most reliable option for watching live games is a full live TV service like YouTube TV.

Does Amazon Prime have a sports package?

Yes! With more getting added all the time. Thursday Night Football games are already included in your Prime subscription, and there are a number of other add-on channels for specific sports too—NBA, MLB, and PGA to name a few. Blackouts are still a thing on streaming apps, with most apps only showing live streams of out-of-market games, so make sure you check the details before signing up. Here’s a full list of Amazon Prime add-on Channels.

What is the cheapest way to stream ESPN?

Great question! Having ESPN is essential to any regular sports fan. The cheapest option to stream ESPN is through Sling TV with their entry-level plans. They usually have promotions running for new customers, so you can even save a bit more. Additionally, there are no contracts—always a bonus!

Is ESPN+ the same as ESPN?

ESPN+ has different content to ESPN. ESPN+ has exclusive rights to both Bundesliga and Italian Serie A soccer, as well as a lot of live college sports games. If those are your sports, ESPN+ is great for you. Otherwise, ESPN+ is still more of a supplement to, and not (yet) a direct replacement for ESPN.

How can I watch free sports on my TV?

Your local stations are the best way to get free sports: ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC all have solid sports lineups that you can get with an antenna for free. Sling’s AirTV Mini antenna device gives you free access to local channels and can be paired with their low-cost streaming bundles too.

How can I stream international sports?

International soccer is great on Streaming TV, and in some cases only available on Streaming TV! The best place to find out where to watch your favorite leagues, and even how to get the home country stream is at’s comprehensive sports listings.

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