Ting: Crazy Fast Fiber Internet®

Got the need for (Internet) speed?

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Welcome to Crazy Fast Fiber Internet®

We’re Ting Crazy Fast Fiber Internet® and we offer incredible service and a quality product, without contracts or hidden fees. Want to Stay Connected? Sign up for our newsletter and we'll provide updates for your city and share some special offers in the future!

With Ting Internet, you can:

Watch videos without buffering

Make crystal clear video calls

Upload and download in seconds

Experience optimal gaming performance

Don’t take our word for it.
See what real Ting Internet customers have to say.

“Ting cares about the quality of their relationships with customers as much as they care about the quality of the Internet access they’re providing.”



"The speeds are absolutely ridiculous—having fiber Internet changes everything. Downloads, uploads, streaming—everything is great!”



“Ting never goes out and the register is never down. I have Ting Internet, PlayStation Vue and PrimeVoice and together they are $55 cheaper a month than my previous services.”



Questions about Ting Internet? Give us a call at 1-855-846-4626.